"I want to get to the White House and get my father the same award that Chavez and Dolores got. You know for being asked to join how about the guy who started it? (So that is the goal?) Yeah, it’s to get to the White House. Not this administration but whatever comes… whatever. Who knows?" Johnny Itliong lamented before the interview of Profile Overseas Diaries ended in his residence in Reno, Nevada. Johnny Itliong is the son of Filipino labor leader and organizer Larry Itliong who led the historic 5-year Delano grapes farmers' workers strike in California in 1965. According to Johnny, he is lucky to have been there at that time and become part of Delano's history which in his own words is the “pinnacle time” of the county.


“There are no criteria. All you must do is send your interest and tell us that you want to be a member of the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce and bingo, that’s the way it is. And we’ll write down that you are a member and there are times because you are a new member, we will write a story about your business, and we write it in the newspaper The Philippine American Journal… So, if you guys need any advice, needing help, you can reach out to us at Edward Lago from the Philippine American Chambers of Commerce of Arizona, We have our website PACCAZ.org, and you can reach out to any of our officers and members for any information you want to get…” says Leonardo Aromin, co-founder of PACCA and Edward Lago, current president of PACCA during the interview conducted by Profile, Overseas Diaries. Watch the full story of PACCA and discover the people behind the continued success of the organization as a business community that looks after the welfare of its members and stakeholders, only here on Profile, overseas diaries! 


“Life is not easy. Life is not fair, you know. As the saying goes, if life is fair, all of us, especially the children should go to school and should have food on the table because we all deserve it, right?” said Santy Melchor during a one-on-one interview with Profile, Overseas Diaries. Santy Melchor devoted his life not only as a medical professional but also as a devoted son of God who is committed to reaching out to the needy the way our creator helps the helpless. Watch the full challenging story of Dr. Santy Melchor, only here on Profile, Overseas Diaries!


She’s a multi-level businesswoman, a voice teacher, and a known singer in Phoenix, Arizona. Now, she wanted to try to produce a concert. One of the upcoming events that she organized is a concert that features one iconic matinee idol of the 80s, who until now is still popular and active because of his acting talent.  He is Gabby Concepcion. Good day to you all.  Join us as we journey through the life of Wilitez Katie Pourier.  Here in Profile: Overseas Diaries.


This International Women’s Month, we are going to give prominence to our Filipina kababayan who made a name for herself on the global stage. This is by exhibiting her extraordinary skill in heading a giant corporation that can be found in different parts of the world and by being an outstanding civic leader and philanthropist. She is also an immigration lawyer and author of immigration books including the bestseller “How to Get a Green Card”, the latest of her works is “ Why Should Guys Have All the Fun”. She is the first Asian woman who passed the New York Bar without going to law school in the U.S. Chair and CEO of TLC Beatrice International that at the time head has 64 enterprises found in 31 countries. She was recognized by the National Foundation for Women Business Owners as the first Asian woman who owns a billion-dollar business in 1996. A woman. A Sorsoganon. Filipina. Meet Atty. Loida Nicolas-Lewis. Let us journey with her and discover her extraordinary life story from being a typical student of the University of the Philippines to becoming a CEO and a global leader in business. Direct from New York, this is the special edition of Profile: Overseas Diaries.


Today on Profile: Overseas Diaries, the story of a veteran journalist who spent most of his life delivering news. News that is relevant and important to the viewing public to create social awareness.  Pertinent information on the economy, politics and government, culture, and current affairs. Join us as we listen and experience the unique journey of Mike Cohen in the world of mass media.


He is a certified public accountant (CPA) in the Philippines who ventured abroad particularly in the United States to find his luck as a migrant worker. Meet Jerry Clarito, one of the founders and organizers of the Alliance of Filipinos for Immigrant Rights and Empowerment (AFIRE) and currently a member of the FILIPINO AMERICAN COUNCIL OF GREATER CHICAGO O FACGC, based in Chicago, Illinois. In the Season 2 of Profile, Overseas Diaries Season. PROFILE, Overseas Diaries is a monthly YouTube program produced by Peoples Media Advocacy Asia, USA Bureau, LLC (PMAA-USAB, LLC) that started in March of 2022. It aimed, to promote the Filipino culture, values, traditions, and beliefs. Our main goal, empower and lift the morale and spirit of our kababayan's around the Globe. For comments and suggestions or if you want to be part of our story, just email us at pmaa.usa22@gmail.com.


The month of October is an annual celebration for Filipinos here in America to commemorate the first migration of our Kababayans to California in 1587.  This occasion became official in 1991 and was recognized as Filipino-American History Month.  For this reason, we have prepared a special story here on Profile: Overseas Diaries this October. This is a story about a group of our kababayans that despite having a good life and successful careers,   have not lost their love for their native Philippines. Who in their own way struggle to fight for the Filipino people calling out ills in the government and expressing their view of alternative solutions. Meet CIRCA-PINTIG in Chicago, Illinois. 


Watch the stories of Paul, Gina, and Benjie on how they make a difference in their lives after moving to the United States. Witness the changes in their lives and understand how they all cope with the changing times. 

 PROFILE: OVERSEAS DIARIES is created and produced by Peoples Media Advocacy Asia, USA Bureau under the direct guidance of Ph.D. Daniel Rudin, founder of PMAA-CPM in Manila, the Philippines in 2015. 

 PROFILE: OVERSEAS DIARIES is a monthly documentary published on social media accounts such as YOUTUBE, FB PAGE, WEBSITE, AND LINKEDIN. Our purpose shares the many inspiring stories of our Fellow Filipino Americans who had been away from their home country for many years. 

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Evelyn Querer realized that all she thought impossible are possible as long as you put your faith and believed in the Lord, then everything will fall into place. A dreamer, a leader, and a follower who never gives up left a legacy not only for her Daughter but for the whole family after She successfully established her own company abroad. This is the story of a Filipina, native of Pangasinan who dreams big and makes it happen. 

Watch the full story of Her struggle will be shown this April on our YOUTUBE Channel: PROFILE, overseas diaries!


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