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The forum, "Keeping the Flame of Freedom: The Case Study of Percy Lapid," was made possible through the dedicated efforts of People’s Media Advocacy Asia – Center for People’s Media (PMAA-CPM) together with the SUSG Socio-Political Committee and the valuable support from the  Czech embassy in the Philippines. (Photo courtesy of N. Lontoc)


Peoples Media Advocacy Asia, USA BUREAU, LLC is an extension of the groundbreaking efforts and achievements initiated by PMAA-CPM in Manila, Philippines, dating back to 2015. 

At PMAA, USA Bureau, we've independently embarked on an engaging project titled "PROFILE: OVERSEAS DIARIES," presented on YouTube. This monthly video documentary series highlights the remarkable stories of our fellow Kababayans and the Filipino-American Community. These stories not only showcase their impact on their families but also their significant contributions to the wider community.

Our primary focus is to celebrate our Filipino culture, traditions, and beliefs while shedding light on how individuals navigate life and success in foreign lands. These individuals are not only thriving but also excelling in their chosen fields.

Currently, PMAA, USA Bureau, LLC is actively collaborating with various organizations and individuals to further our mission. Our partnership with the Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce of Arizona (PACCA) exemplifies our commitment to advancing the interests of Filipino-American entrepreneurs. Additionally, our alignment with the Center for Immigrant Resources and Community Arts – PINTIG (CIRCA-Pintig), a well-established Chicago-based foundation with a 30-year history, underscores our dedication to empowering immigrant communities through creative and participatory means.

Furthermore, we're in the early stages of discussion with UNITED PRODUCTION LLC, a Manila-based independent production company. This prospective partnership aims to create a platform for individuals to enhance their acting and video production skills, opening up new avenues for growth and self-expression.

As part of our expansion efforts, we've also connected with talented digital creators to broaden our network and influence. This step will help us enrich our content and outreach, reaching a wider audience with our stories of resilience, achievement, and cultural pride.

In essence, Peoples Media Advocacy Asia, USA BUREAU, LLC stands as a bridge between cultures, generations, and communities. We're committed to telling the stories that matter and showcasing the exceptional spirit of our people, both in the United States and around the world.

Should you have any questions or seek more information about our initiatives and collaborations, please don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to continued growth, empowerment, and the celebration of the Filipino spirit.


PMAA, LLC, USA Bureau envisions a future where social media serves as a potent tool and platform, enabling us to arm and embolden the Filipino working class—both domestically and globally—to advocate for their rights. Our overarching goal is to foster a sense of unity, equality, and justice across diverse races, cultures, and beliefs.

Through the dynamic medium of social media, we strive to empower the Filipino working class to recognize their intrinsic worth and the pivotal role they play in societies around the world. By amplifying their voices and stories, we aim to shed light on their struggles, aspirations, and triumphs, ultimately creating a space where they are seen, heard, and respected.

Central to our vision is the belief that every individual, regardless of their background, deserves equal opportunities, fair treatment, and a voice in shaping their destinies. We aim to facilitate meaningful conversations that transcend borders and bridge gaps, leading to a global community where understanding and collaboration thrive.

In collaboration with like-minded organizations, individuals, and partners, we are dedicated to utilizing social media as a force for positive change. Through the exchange of experiences, ideas, and perspectives, we intend to nurture empathy and connection, dismantling barriers and prejudices that stand in the way of unity.

PMAA, LLC, USA Bureau's vision aligns with a world where social media not only connects us but also empowers us to work collectively toward justice, equality, and a future where the rights of all are upheld. We are committed to this vision and invite others to join us on this transformative journey towards a more just and equitable world.

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PMAA, LLC, USA Bureau is dedicated to advancing the principles of people's journalism through a diverse range of formats and mediums. Our mission revolves around fostering an informed and engaged community by offering well-researched, balanced, and thought-provoking content that empowers individuals and organizations to make informed decisions about their future endeavors.

We believe that journalism holds the power to shape opinions, inspire action, and drive positive change. With this belief in mind, our efforts encompass a multifaceted approach aimed at influencing perceptions and encouraging critical thinking. Through various mediums such as articles, videos, podcasts, and social media, we aim to disseminate accurate information, highlight diverse perspectives, and foster healthy discourse.

Our commitment to people's journalism extends to providing credible and comprehensive research materials that enable individuals and groups to navigate complex issues. By presenting well-rounded viewpoints and verified data, we aspire to equip our audience with the tools they need to form their own opinions and chart their paths forward.

PMAA, LLC, USA Bureau's dedication to balance and fairness in journalism is a driving force behind our work. We aim to bridge gaps in understanding, challenge preconceptions, and spark constructive conversations that lead to collaborative solutions. Through the power of information, we seek to encourage positive actions that contribute to the betterment of society.

We are excited to embark on this journey of informing, inspiring, and empowering through people's journalism. By engaging with individuals and organizations across various platforms, we aspire to shape a future where knowledge, understanding, and collective action pave the way for progress and positive change.


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